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Background information on Panda Security

Panda Security – A Story  of Success 
1990 Foundation of the company in Bilbao/Spain
1995 Market leader in Spain
1996 Global expansion
2002 Start of the distribution and partner concept in Germany and Austria by bydata AG in Duisburg
2003 Distribution in more than 200 countries worldwide
2007 Panda Software turns into Panda Security.
2008 Bydata AG turns from country partner into the subsidiary PAV Germany GmbH.
2009 Global expansion proceeds: There are now subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland and Great Britain.
2010 New subsidiary in Canada. Nine further country partners join the group.
2015 Panda Security has local subsidiaries in 52 countries and its products are available in 23 languages.

Our philosophy:

Security as a combination of
solution and service

Technological Milestones
2014 Panda revolutionizes the malware detection with Panda Adaptive Defense. This completely new approach offers a service for protecting against targeted attacks (theft of data) and unknown threats. This service can be customized for each customer and is managed by Panda.
2010 As the first vendor worldwide Panda Security provides extensive cloud protection for all fields: endpoints, email and Internet traffic.
2009 Launch of Panda Cloud Antivirus: First free cloud-based desktop protection in real time
2008 MalwareRadar: First manufacturer who offers automated security audits
2007 Introduction of the Collective Intelligence, an innovative, cloud-based scanning and information technology that is based on the principle of neural networks.
2004 Implementation of the first host-based intrusion prevention system „TruPrevent Technologies“
2003 With the launch of „Panda WebAdmin“, for the first time a producer of security solutions offers a web-based management console.
1999 First solution for Exchange Server that is capable to protect the Internet Mail Connector (SMTP Stack)
1998 First desktop antivirus with TCP/IP traffic scan and daily update of the signature file
1993 Panda implements the first „anti-stealth detection system“ in order to prevent viruses hiding in the memory.
1992 First solution with integrated honeypot technology


25 years of technological market leadership

Technological innovation is a unique characteristic of our company. We have always invested a large part of our revenue into research and development of new products and technologies. Thanks to our multi-awarded Collective Intelligence Technology millions of users share information on new malware and this way automatically improve the protection of all connected computers. Our technology provides optimal real-time protection with minimum consumption of resources on the users’ computers by using the collective knowledge.

logo-collective-intelligenceThis way our security solutions become faster and more versatile. Would you like real-time protection with minimum impact on your computer’s performance? Then become a member of the Panda community and protect your online world reliably.

Network solutions: Panda Adaptive Defense (360)
Panda Fusion
Panda Endpoint Protection (Plus)
Panda Systems Management
Consumer solutions: Panda Antivirus Pro
Panda Internet Security
Panda Global Protection
Panda Gold Protection
Panda Free Antivirus
Panda Mobil Security
Panda Antivirus for MAC

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