Why Panda?

In more than 25 years Panda has set significant technological milestones in the security industry. Today Panda is a sound, internationally renowned enterprise with presences in more than 60 countries. We protect more than 25 million users in approx. 200 states. Our mission is to continually develop innovative IT management and security solutions in order to protect and manage the computer systems of our users at the highest possible level.

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Industry solutions – Optimum security for all sectors

Since its foundation in 1990 Panda Security has invested a major part of its revenue into research and development with the objective of providing state-of-the-art technology for its customers at all times to fight cybercrime. However, different industries have varying requirements on IT security. Therefore we offer our users solutions that are customized to their needs as regards IT security, management and control.

Our partner program

Our motto is: “Hand in hand with our partners to mutual success.” In order to reach this goal we have initiated our unique partner program which supports you optimally in developing your business. The program is based on three important pillars:


We enable you to manage the licenses and security of your customers simply and quickly.


With Panda there are no traditional service costs. You can significantly increase your margins by buying license packages. The additional sale of value-added services provides you with the opportunity to generate extra revenue.


With Panda you will keep track of everything: your current and future business as well as the security status of your customers.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Limitless Visibility, Absolute Control

Trainings at Panda Academy

Beside our technological approach the know-how of our partners is an essential key factor to success. Therefore we offer all Panda partners a comprehensive training program. During our courses you will get important information on the latest technical specifications of our products as well as a general overview of the current trends and developments in the IT security industry.

Our training modules

Panda Security’s training concept consists of 5 modules. Modules 1 and 2 are the basic training modules. They are free of charge and mandatory for all authorized Panda partners. Modules 3 to 5 are (fee-based) product trainings in which you get detailed information on our individual products.

Partner Authorization Initial Training

Partner authorization initial training

Module 1 is the mandatory basic training for partner authorization.

to Module 1

Partner Authorization Maintenance Training

Partner authorization maintaince training

Module 2 offers updated information on our products on an annual basis.

to Module 2

Endpoint Protection Partner Adv. Training

Endpoint Protection Partner Advanced Training

This module offers comprehensive knowledge of the program and administration structure.

to Module 3

Systems Management Partner Adv. Training

Systems Management Partner Advanced Training

Contains Asset-Management, Reporting, Deployment & Device Management, Remote Support and Monitoring.

to Module 4

Adaptive Defense Partner Adv. Training

Adaptive Defense Partner Advanced Training

As part of this training, configuration and operation are explained in detail.

to Module 5

Partner Content

Authorized Panda partners can sign up for our ‘Partner Content’ section. Once you have registered, you will get access to various materials and information which we keep available especially for our partners. In the section ‘Partner News’ we announce our latest actions. Additionally, you can find all datasheets, whitepapers, current price lists, a graphics archive and a lot of other marketing materials you might need for your business.

  • Datasheets

    Our datasheets inform you about the features and benefits of our products.

  • Whitepapers

    Here you can find whitepapers on various topics of IT security.

  • Flyers & Brochures

    Here you can find Panda Security print and advertising materials.

  • In-House Exhibition

    In-house exhibitions are a more personal way to get in touch with your customers.

  • Downloads

    Panda Security tools for downloading.

  • Mailing Templates

    Templates for various campaigns in cooperation with Panda Security.

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